The art of Jason Venus

Animator, illustrator, digital artist and NFT artist.

My name is Jason Venus, I have been drawing cartoons since I was first able to hold a pen. My school books were filled with little doodles and animations and I draw almost every day.

I started my working life as a commercial photographer, photographing everything form Helicopters, through to food, people and wildlife. This taught me the importance of composition and lighting which has helped shape the way I approach video animations.

With the birth of the internet and home computing, I become more and more involved with Digital art using Photoshop and photograph manipulation.

Creative thinking

I have extensive experience in taking a basic idea or written script and turning this into something visually engaging. Creating visual storyboards from scripts, character concepts and digital assets for various projects.

With the ability to manage every aspect of production, organising professional voice artists and sourcing licensed stock music. With years of experience in creating Whiteboard Videos, animated Explainer Videos and other digital works of art.